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Park soo ae dating apps


Why did you choose to act in this new drama Mask? I like the message which the drama is trying to convey. It is about the things you do not want to end up losing in life. I also heard that Soo Ae was chosen for the Park soo ae dating apps, and that gave me great faith in the show. The drama is about people hiding their true identities to get what they want, what do you think about the premise?

I was drawn to the motif of masks. I think we all wear some kind of mask in our daily lives. Now that I am 33 years old, I am taking my acting career a lot more seriously. Now I am taking more responsibility and Park soo ae dating apps feels good. What do you think is more important for success?

People who work hard, will do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. It does not matter which profession you are in, as long as you work hard, you will do well in life. You started your career as a model, how is being a model different from being an actor? When I was still a model, I Park soo ae dating apps go out all by myself and no one would recognize me.

Some time back I went to E-dae to catch a movie, and I sat outside on the bench and I was glad that no one recognized me. I always think that you cannot live without love.

Love is life, and vice versa.

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And my goal in life is to live Park soo ae dating apps blissful and happy life, one that is always fulfilled. It is impossible to not love at all. What is happiness to you? What I understand about happiness? If you can love, love. That will make me a very happy person. Do you hang out with friends and colleagues?

Actress Soo Ae attended the...

I do not really like meeting up with people or friends, unless I am already very close to that person. If not, it is very likely that I will not want to meet up. For instance, first love and first kiss? Alright then, how would you describe the feeling when you first fell in love? It was like a dream, Park soo ae dating apps dream that you share with this person.

But it was such a long time ago, some are sweet while some are bitter memories. Are you a good boy or a bad boy? I want to be a good boy, to be upright. I will try to keep making myself a better person, it is not an easy task. Sometimes I have to split my legs so that I will look like I am just slightly taller than my co-stars. Tell us something interesting about your family? She would give me a hug, then wake me up.

What do you do when you are not filming? Well, if I Park soo ae dating apps nothing to do, I just stay at home. Jog a little, exercise a little. What are some special talents you have? I would say speed reading, singing, dancing Laughs and hapkido a highly eclectic Korean martial art. People who are tall like me, find it difficult to dance. If I did not admit to it taking drugsI would live the rest of my life feeling miserable and that is not what I want.

I did not know how lucky I was. It was after this incident that I realized how important my friends and family are. I always feel that I have an eternal debt to those around me.

I am filled with an apologetic and sorrowful heart. My smile is no longer the same. It is my job to look happy and comfortable, even when I am not feeling the same way inside.

In the end, I Park soo ae dating apps that I should just work hard and become a better actor. It might sound selfish but if I want to right my wrong doings, I should do it the way that I do best. I will work harder than I first debuted; I will give it my all and my best. What kind of relationship works best for you? My need of personal space comes from my childhood; my parents worked two jobs then.

So I spent a lot of time by myself and I like it this way. What is your take on marriage? I am a little scared of marriage. I have never heard people saying good things about marriage.

Park Myung Soo once said that it is good Park soo ae dating apps postpone death and marriage. Also, if you get married, and no one is there because she is working, which is no different to begin Park soo ae dating apps. How your girlfriend Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls feels about you filming intimate scenes with other actresses?

She is in this industry as well, so she knows that it is a job requirement. Do you seek her advice before taking up any drama or roles? Ga In is a singer and I am an actor. Our area of works are different, so there is no need for advice from each other.

We both have our own dreams and are working hard to achieve them. You seem like you are hot tempered. Are there times when your girlfriend makes you angry? What do you do when it happens? Regardless of whether it is my girlfriend or another person, I will give them three chances. Only when the three chances have passed do I say something about the matter. Do you fight with your girlfriend Ga In?

I would like to think that I am a considerate person. I used to be a model, so I know how long women take to get ready. I call her thirty minutes before I get to her house, and I check in with her every now and then. So you do not get mad at her at all?

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I thought he was stupid. You went on the hit variety show Running Man, how was the experience like? It was difficult, because I could not adjust to the variety programme format.

So to me, when someone else is talking, I have Park soo ae dating apps listen to everything they have to say before I cut in. I think that is why I found it hard for me to jump in while others were speaking.

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