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Am i intimidating looking guys


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Seddit Simple Questions Thread. Do girls get intimidated by good looking men like men get intimidated by good looking women? I've spent a long time working on my looks, style and body language.

When I'm out at the bars with a mixed group of friends I often notice that women tend to approach my less good looking friends and stay away from myself and anyone better looking than me.

They respond well when I approach them but I rarely get approached myself, unlike my friends. We have a great vibe on and we are always smiling and having a great time. I tried going out just wearing my hoodie and jeans etc. Maybe I just intimidate women when I look my best? Either way I'm not really bothered. Girls have just as much if not more approach anxiety than men. Girl's have the additional pressure that if they approach they get labeled as a slut or as easy.

That label can easily change the dynamics of an interaction from "oh potential long term" to "one night stand". It's because they are never forced to get over it. Am i intimidating looking guys women have zero game.

At best they walk up to their target, Am i intimidating looking guys a conversation, then wait for the man to take over and make everything happen.

To answer the specific question, a lot of guys who got in better shape but not crazy pro-bodybuilder huge have noted how a lot of women say "I don't like that" about their bodies or laugh at it, but very attractive women seem more interested.

There seems to be insecurity here - a man with an attractive body that he puts effort into makes the less attractive women insecure, while the more attractive Am i intimidating looking guys show that they Am i intimidating looking guys it.

This is so hilariously true. I've had it happen a couple times.

Welcome to Reddit,

It took me a while to realize that girls actually do this. She could be a normal cool chick, but if she approaches, she will be just as creepy as any male AFC. Now that you mention it, pretty much every women who's approached me has straight up asked for sex within 5 minutes.

I will chime in here as well. Same deal, but none of them have overtly said I want to fuck you to me. But when a girl comes up to you with that OAG look in her eyes, you know its going to be an easy kill. All you have to do is not fuck up and you're Am i intimidating looking guys. I love those pleasant surprises, cuz your night just got so easy.

You get Am i intimidating looking guys outcome you wanted with bare minimum effort. Am i intimidating looking guys don't want a guy that's too good looking, unless she's an alpha herself. Not like I am going to move, but I've noticed places where its good looking guys and ugly women and wondered where it was opposite.

You gotta be a good talker though, nothing serious, you just gotta be able to make lite small talk real easily, and be a little bit of a flirt just a little. That's all it takes. Average couple Am i intimidating looking guys Girl: Hmm I didn't like the girls in Texas, but I was in that little northern bit and I heard it is a hellhole. Yeah, i don't blame you, nobody pays too much attention to their appearance.

The further south you go, the more "sass is class" you get. Not just bring labeled easy, approach anxiety in a woman can stem from the idea that a woman is supposed to be able to decide whenever she wants to be able to get sex from whomever she chooses. If Am i intimidating looking guys puts herself out there and is denied, there must be something really wrong, as opposed to a guy getting turned down which is no big deal, happens all the time.

If you look good, you...

This idea definitely psychs girls out sometimes. If you're an attractive guy, there isn't a whole lot you can do while standing across the room. When you open her though what she wants to know most of all is "Is this guy a Am i intimidating looking guys guy?

As soon as you do that, she'll be comfortable. It's a Goldilocks balancing act but with practice you can make it happen. You also need to calibrate. Some girls won't approach but like their guy to be on a pedestal and those are likely the ones you already have success with. They tend to be either very confident and already stand on their own pedestal, or very insecure and want someone to idolize. Some of Am i intimidating looking guys "sluttiest" girls are also really confident, really sex-positive obviouslyand usually "wiser" people all-around -- unless insecurity was their basis for their sexual expression in the first place in which case, that's not good.

So they probably won't be intimidated by a guy based solely on his physical appearance, at least not to the degree that a guy would by a hot girl.

A Am i intimidating looking guys individual is intimidating, and not to mention a little fishy. Also, think of how a lot of guys get with girls. Romance her, tell her all Am i intimidating looking guys sweet things, do the right combination of things to get into a girl's pants, then as soon as they do they disappear forever. Surely that would put your defenses up, too. By the time she figures out I'm actually a nice guy, because I'm a nice guy or was it kind?

I always mix those two upinterests might have shifted. I'm talking more the kind of guy that will say anything to get with a girl read: If you're yourself, you're bound to find things you and the girl don't agree on eventually.

Maybe she's a big Keith Urban fan and you hate country music. Maybe she wants to raise her family in the "love Am i intimidating looking guys nurture will solve everything" mindset, while you're realistic and like to set boundaries and rules and enforce said rules.

That's getting beyond simple seduction but you see my point. But this doesn't really get into the why. What factors other than physical beauty?

I get that looks arent everything but beauty alone isn't enough to make you too intimidated to approach a guy? Must he also be well groomed and dress to your liking? It seems like there is little else to cause attraction before words have been exchanged. I think a very underrated attractive feature in a man is how he holds himself. Open, Am i intimidating looking guys body language ironic, eh. A "je ne sais quoi" aura This one is hard to explain, but he seems to draw people and attention his way with a special intensity.

This is the best answer perhaps the only I've read. So, you would find this person difficult to approach. What if he approached you and turns out to be just as shy and intimidated by you? For most women it's not as simple as pure aesthetics so no, it's not about the guy dressing better and shit.

Like someone else said, "attractive" qualities in men can include confidence, charisma, social status, financial status, etc. Think about it as a guy yourself -- if you found out that Scarlett Johansson is kind of a loner in real life, would you decide not to fuck her, or would you still fuck her with glee? For women it's a bit different -- though using celebrities as an example is stupid, because they're celebrities. Regardless -- a guy who looks like Brad Pitt will definitely be able to get some pussy unless he's completely antisocialbut if there's a Matt Damon-looking guy nearby with a better attitude, more girls will probably be "attracted" to the Matt Damon-looking guy.

Girls are still attracted to physically-attractive guys, but they'll give guys a lot more leeway when it comes to that. So a guy like TofuTofu can have plenty of success with women despite being overweight, while a girl with similar weight issues might not have as much success even if she's a Am i intimidating looking guys cool person.

To answer OP's question though -- yeah, girls definitely get intimidated in much the same way. Just Am i intimidating looking guys with guys, some are simply better at hiding it or are confident enough to the point where it doesn't affect the way they interact with the guy. It also means their style of clothes, hair, etc. And once you get to know them it's definitely about their personality.

A frumpy "attractive" girl at the bar in pajama pants and a sweater might not get hit on the same as if she was dressed up and outgoing. Good looking guy here, I not sure I get that As a good looking guy, I get the same type of reaction IMO, it's not "wrong.

If a girl responds by immediately interpreting it the wrong way, then we likely have completely different styles of humor and wouldn't have a great time together anyway.

Other girls who are more socially-adept are able to see the tease for what it is and then tease me back even more harshly. Then we get some good banter going -- that's basically my favorite kind of interaction to be in. If someone can't provide that sort of interaction or if I myself am having an off-day or just being stupidI'll bail earlier rather than later.

It'd be a waste of time otherwise unless the girl's dtf, which is definitely something I'll make an exception for. I get told I'm arrogant all the time, being good looking means you can't have confidence: Smile and be friendly. I tend to have the automatic impression that Am i intimidating looking guys guys are jerks who think they can get any girl they want, so I just avoid them. Unfair, I know, but it's almost instinctive I feel about the same way another attractive girls.

It's not a permanent impression, though, so prove me wrong and I'll be much more interested. I tend to have the automatic impression that attractive guys are jerks who think they can get any girl Am i intimidating looking guys want. Looking back, I now realise that it wasn't that men were intimidated and As women, our appeal to men in a relationship has nothing to do with. You see, beautiful women don't necessarily have it easier than homely-looking ones. In many instances, men may feel that a gorgeous girl.

What about good-looking women, you may be wondering. Of course no leader of men in his or Am i intimidating looking guys right mind would promote a man fixated on and she doesn't speak to you because she's Am i intimidating looking guys by your good looks.

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