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Kirche im bringing sexy back


Those belong to their respective creators and not me. I am only writing this for fun so please don't try to sue me. It had been a long arduous battle.

I had to battle through mobs, stalkers, and downright dirty, dirty tricksters. It took cunning, insights, and a lot of luck to get around them and get to safety. I had to be sneaky and pull some dirty tricks of my own just to get some space so I could make the plans and tricks that would get me away and to where I could call myself safe.

I had achieved a level of stealth that I had never had thought possible for someone like me. Kirche's mother Emma Francesca Lillith von Zerbst had come to visit her daughter. Kirche had been telling tales about me apparently and the Lady Zerbst was curious about her daughter's 'Darling' and who he was. As part of a guard or something, she had brought a fellow named Alejandro Conquista la Corleone, a Viscount of Germania.

Incidentally, he was a man whom Kirche's parents had considered for Kirche as husband material. He seemed to take some offence to how Kirche liked to molest me, no matter how much I didn't molest her back. Okay, long story short some offense was taken, a challenge in the form og a duel was made, and some ass was kicked.

Fortunately for me, the ass that was kicked wasn't mine. Unfortunately, the duel had been for Kirche so now the redhead would be stuck to me like glue. Her mother had publicly declared me her son-in-law, which Louise didn't like all that much. The only reason she Kirche im bringing sexy back cause much fuss though on account that she was terrified of Lady Zerbst.

Apparently her runic name of Emma the Searing Heat was one that Louise Kirche im bringing sexy back up with holding in same regard to the boogeyman. Why that was I still hadn't gotten a straight answer to. Kirche im bringing sexy back had been so dashing as he Kirche im bringing sexy back Alejandro in a duel. She never really liked the Viscount all that much. He was way too stiff for her tastes and she liked boys who were closer to her age anyway.

Well, she'd make an exception if they were handsome enough she supposed. However, her father seemed to like him since he was the new recruit into the Pegasus Guard who came from an established military family with a lot of prestige in their name. Her family had taken to the idea after Kirche had caused Kirche im bringing sexy back, with her old school.

At least the three sexy...

It was an honest accident. Things just got a little out of control. Her parents were certainly not amused and considered having her married to alleviate some of the shame of nearly destroying her school. In the end though, they didn't want her to be uneducated since they had already set her on the path of learning magic so they decided to send her to the Tristain Academy. Walking through the halls of the academy, she tried to find a trace of her Darling since he had run away as she and her mother tried to congratulate him for his victory.

Honestly, he could be so shy! She had only wanted to reward him for fighting so valiantly for her sake. Oh, Louise deserved Kirche im bringing sexy back little bit of credit too she supposed, but it was mainly her Darling who deserved all of the credit!

She was just glad that her mother was fond of him as well. Now if she would remember that Kirche got to go first then Kirche im bringing sexy back wouldn't be any problems. I thought you'd want to be with your new Zerbst masters! Okay, Louise was pissed. In my attempt to hide from the Zerbsts, I had decided to go to her room in hopes that she'd offer me some protection. Instead I found her at her table, one leg crossed over the other with her arms crossed and her wand in hand. She definitely did not look pleased to see me and was certainly just getting started on showing her displeasure in receiving affection from Kirche and her mother.

Being publicly proclaimed the Lady Zerbst's son-in-law probably did not help matters. Heck, I still don't want it Kirche im bringing sexy back happen.

That just…opened me up to Kirche. I didn't want to turn into a boytoy for either Zerbst woman so if it meant grovelling at Louise's feet in order to get some of that protection then I was going to do that. Death by asphyxiation was definitely not the way I'd like to go, no matter how pleasant the scenery would be before I went. Viscount Alejandro was pissed, which was pretty obvious to anyone who was unfortunate enough to cross his path.

Where was he to show his face now? There had been so many witnesses to the duel to watch him lose so he couldn't even try to hide the event under the rug. By the next day, the nearby towns would no doubt hear about what had happened. He had thought that he could defeat Matthew and whatever artefacts he had. Kirche im bringing sexy back all, they were just simple coins, hardly the most intimidating of items.

He had been proven wrong and suffered greatly. He put his hand against his chest which was still sore from the shock he'd received. He clenched his fist in rage. He cursed silently beneath his breath. Kirche was his, Kirche im bringing sexy back It had been agreed!

Obviously, Alejandro did not take losing quite well. He needed a new plan now, one to get him what he wanted. He had disgraced himself by losing to a teenage boy with a bunch of magical coins. Granted, if Lady Zerbt's theory was proven true then the shame he suffered in losing would be greatly diminished. Still, there was still shame associated with losing and Alejandro wouldn't have it! He would remove the shame from his name and prove he was worthy to be wed to the Zerbst heiress!

This may sting my pride but I had promised to do anything for Louise in exchange for some protection from the Zerbsts. Sooner or later, Kirche's mother would have to go home. Kirche, of course, was another issue. I didn't want to lose her friendship over something Kirche im bringing sexy back this but her intentions for me were more than friendly.

Presently, I was being treated and disciplined like a disobedient dog. I had a collar that was connected to a length of chain with the other end gripped in Louise's hand and in her other hand was her riding crop. I had to kneel next to the table like an obedient dog while she sipped her tea and continued making notes on the Core Medals, possible combinations that might come in handy.

Rather than diligence, I think she was just doing it for fun more than anything else. Louise gave me a look and cocked an eyebrow. That would just make them try harder.

There really wasn't a way to make myself less desirable and even if there was it involved hurting their feelings. I really wasn't the kind of guy who would do that on purpose. Maybe if I was really cheesed off and someone was being a dick to me I could do it, but to someone who did absolutely nothing to deserve it?

No way, Kirche im bringing sexy back was impossible for me to do. I bet Lady Zerbst was already making arrangements. She seemed like the type who would forge on ahead with their plans. Kirche was definitely a chip off the old block when it came to that…among other things.

The girl was certainly not afraid to grab something she wanted, even Kirche im bringing sexy back other people told her not to, many times, quite loudly. It was painfully obvious where Kirche got that particular personality quirk from. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on someone's point of view, that personality quirk was focused on me. It Kirche im bringing sexy back that the thought of being with Kirche wasn't appealing. Hell, no straight man would think otherwise.

However, she was incredibly forward and it was a little intimidating. I was also not too sure just what her intentions were. Well, her intentions were pretty clear. What I should say is I was worried about how committed she was. Her mother seemed all for a relationship, even marriage. Then Kirche im bringing sexy back, she made it clear she was interested in playing with me too.

That look in her eyes when I had her gripped in the Tako Legs said it all. Apparently she practiced an open marriage, and it was hard to say if her husband knew about it or not. I bet it was her boobs, wasn't it?

Perverted dogs always follow the girls with the biggest chests. What does it Kirche im bringing sexy back if they have masters that they have a responsibility to? They have breasts to pay attention to, that's more important. Her scolding had turned into an inner monologue that more or less defined her relationship with Kirche.

Louise was definitely jealous of how Kirche seemed to have a more voluptuous figure and seemed to be using it to get attention from all of the boys in the school.

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But let's get this called Kirche bringing him out his train of thought. "Huh? What? in awe.

Placing her collar back to where it was she looked at Naruto and smiled to him.

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