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Very hot sexy wife


Tara came home from a work party once at 5: She literally was out on her feet and passed out in bed still wearing all of her clothes including her high heels.

Suspicious, I slipped my hand between her legs and felt a very wet pair of panties. Instantly hard, I raised her skirt and peeled her panties to the side, I started lapping up the spunk as it slowly seeped out of my promiscuous wife. My cock was throbbing as I placed it at the opening of her pussy.

My wife just lay there, as I rutted in her sloppy, used vagina, speculating on who it was that had done this to her. The next morning I found out that Tara had fucked her boss, Daryl, a guy that Very hot sexy wife absolutely despised.

Watching another man take my wife for the first time was the most incredible thing I have witnessed. Just hear he moans. Among people who know our fantasies and activities, the question is often how we got here. Very hot sexy wife

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I think some people explore alternate lifestyles as Very hot sexy wife mean of keeping their sex hot, which I think is a fantastic idea. We have both embraced that life is too short to skip out on any pleasure.

We love each other endlessly, and all we require from one Very hot sexy wife is complete honesty. The rest is left to what the adventure brings. This is where the intense arousal comes from seeing her go out and pursue someone for nothing more than her own pleasure, relaying back to me every dirty detail.

She likewise loves to tease me, and watch me get more horny with each text as she also has the attention and desire of another man. Watching her is equally as exciting, there are no words to explain the exquisite desire I have more my wife when I see her being pleased by another man. There are those tinges of jealousy that make the horniness that much more intense.

I sometimes get messages asking advice. Every time my dick gets harder than the time before. An afternoon with her Deuce, recorded into her phone just feet away, for her to torture and tease me. Deuce is the nickname her most recent toy gave himself in his initial contact.

His tall, muscular frame. The way he kisses her. How he takes her and she enjoys every inch of his long length. You Very hot sexy wife hear it in her moans and the things she says to him as she enjoys him. They trigger a part of our brain that tells us those moans are born out of pure animal pleasure. I love that she has Very hot sexy wife Deuce.

Ask her and she will tell you that she can whip my cock into a rock hard frenzy by telling me about how pleased she is by him. To hear the urgency in her kisses as she undressed him, followed by the sounds of her moans of anticipation as she Very hot sexy wife to take him in her mouth. The squeal of absolute pleasure as she first feels him slide into her again after being away for a while. The unsolicited begging to be fucked, while telling him by name how much she loves his dick.

The sounds that explode from her as he pounds her the way she needs - unable to move - you can hear her shudder as he brings her cumming over and over. Sounds of sex as an primal need to survive. Asking for his cum, and screaming in orgasm as he empties himself inside her. Every man should want this for his wife. We enjoy amazing sex, and are as close as any married couple even after years together; but those sounds in her voice cant be brought about by a husband.

They can only be built by a Deuce - a man uninterested in details and emotions - he wants only to enjoy her as she enjoys him. On the contrary I only want her more, reminded over and over in pleasure of how gorgeous, sexy, and powerful my wife is. In fact, I become eager and horny with hope that she is so unable to have enough of her Deuce that she has to meet him again as soon as possible. I hope she does. Our marriage and sex is better because of her Deuce.

You need one too. Basic psychology tells us that men are highly competitive creatures. Is this really true, though? Is this weakness, or rather the ultimate confidence? As Hotwives, we may be the focus of the fantasy, but there is that deeper and more psychological desire of a man who, even after committing to one woman, is able to compete with other males sexually. So, what does this mean for us as Hotwives? We use our female prowess to keep the men who we are seeing guessing…why?

Why would we do something to the man that we love that we, ourselves, would hate? For men, though, and especially those with Hotwife fantasies, jealousy is a big component and tool for us to keep our men hot and bothered. Sometimes just the mere mention of being flirted with by that cute guy at our favorite restaurant, or our interest in the sexy Very hot sexy wife trainer at the gym is enough to send our men into a sexual frenzy.

Find some aspect of your encounter that was mind-blowing, and recount, in great detail exactly what it was that sent you over the edge. These are the things that will ramp up that competition Very hot sexy wife in your man and make him want to reclaim you with increased vigor and desire. We are strong and capable and we are smart. Furthermore, this is an intellectual game, and we need to use our intellects to get to where we want to be. Where do we want to be?

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LOVE when Very hot sexy wife just pulls the panties to the side to show me that she really did fuck him…. Draining my balls of hot Very hot sexy wife into that pussy via blindfoldcreampie. An old favorite via johnhartham Just hear he moans So hot via cumfordaddyallday. You hitt ther nail on the head! This is a very big part of my feelings…. Sexy Hot Wife Rio is paying a visit to Carmen Valentina & she brought over some baby oil.

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