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Catching sexual predators

Unqualified YouTubers are setting up...

Catching sexual predators August 4, 9: A Queens dad has become a video vigilante, setting Catching sexual predators traps for potential child predators and then blasting the real-life confrontations on Catching sexual predators for everyone to see. Jonathan Castell, 44, a math teacher at Middletown HS, was charged with attempting to endanger the welfare of a child, police said.

Blas, a stocky, year-old plumber, and his crew of eight stay-at-home moms began hunting for sexual predators two months ago. The team posts ads on dating sites claiming to be women in their late teens and twenties.

Once they get a response, Blas explains, they drop the bait: In some cases, the female decoys send old photos of themselves to keep their targets on the hook. A meeting is eventually set up somewhere in the city. However, the target is not greeted by a pretty teen, but a beefy, bearded Blas in a black bandana — with his smartphone camera rolling.

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I wanted to see if she was for real. You came out here to take the innocence Catching sexual predators a f—king child. He sent the girl several photos of himself, including one in his bed and one in his bathroom with his shirt off, the complaint says.


The 8-minute clip, posted the night Catching sexual predators the sting, went viral, making it into Catching sexual predators hands of Middletown HS principal Tracey Sorrentino almost immediately. He also Catching sexual predators hungry for redemption. He admits he is a former heroin addict who robbed drug dealers and did time in prison before getting clean and turning his life around.

He was also inspired by Catching sexual predators movement in the UK, spread through social media, where vigilante groups with names like Dark Justice, Guardians of the North, Silent Justice and Stinson Hunter have sprung up in the last few years, according to reports. Canada has followed with a group called Creep Catchers.

He began by posting an ad on a dating site claiming to be a year-old girl. Pink Houses in Brooklyn, where Blas confronted a bearded, balding man looking to meet a year-old girl. Catching sexual predators feels so good to call these dudes out. Posing as a year-old, she and the man had been exchanging texts for five days. He switched to YouTube, which also shut down his page.

The confrontations could also scare the men away from using online dating platforms — and from the undercover, online cops trying to catch them.

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Unqualified YouTubers are setting up stings on potential child predators online, creating a whole new grey area for the video-hosting platform. A Queens dad has become a Catching sexual predators vigilante, setting online traps for potential child predators and then blasting the real-life confrontations on.

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